Audible Listening History

audible listening history

Audible, the leading platform for audiobooks, offers a wide range of features to enhance your listening experience. One of the most useful features is the ability to keep track of your listening history. In this article, we will explore how Audible's listening history works and how it can enhance your enjoyment of audiobooks.

When you listen to an audiobook on Audible, the platform automatically keeps track of your listening history. This means that you can easily access the books you have listened to in the past and pick up where you left off. Your listening history is available on both the Audible website and the mobile app, allowing you to switch seamlessly between devices.

How does Audible track your listening history?

Audible uses sophisticated algorithms to track your listening history. It keeps track of the books you have listened to, the time spent on each book, and the chapters you have completed. This information is stored securely in your Audible account and is accessible only to you.

Why is listening history important?

Listening history is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to easily find and re-listen to your favorite audiobooks. Whether you want to revisit a beloved story or catch up on the latest installment in a series, your listening history makes it quick and easy to find the book you're looking for. Additionally, listening history helps you keep track of your progress and set goals for yourself. You can see how many books you have listened to, how many hours you have spent listening, and challenge yourself to listen more.

Can you delete your listening history?

Yes, you have the option to delete your listening history if you wish. This can be useful if you want to start fresh or if you want to remove any books that you no longer want to be associated with your account. However, keep in mind that once you delete your listening history, it cannot be recovered.

Can you share your listening history with others?

No, your listening history is private and can only be accessed by you. Audible respects your privacy and does not share your listening history with anyone else. This means that you can enjoy your audiobooks without worrying about others seeing what you have listened to.

Does Audible recommend books based on your listening history?

Yes, Audible uses your listening history to provide personalized recommendations. Based on the books you have listened to in the past, Audible's recommendation algorithm suggests new books that you might enjoy. This is a great way to discover new authors and genres that align with your interests.


How far back does Audible's listening history go?

Audible's listening history goes back as far as your account has been active. This means that you can access your entire listening history, including books you listened to years ago.

Can I export my listening history?

At the moment, Audible does not offer an option to export your listening history. However, you can manually keep track of the books you have listened to by creating a list or using a note-taking app.

Can I see how much time I have spent listening to audiobooks?

Yes, Audible provides a feature called "Listening Time" that shows you how many hours and minutes you have spent listening to audiobooks. This can be a fun way to see the total amount of time you have dedicated to your favorite books.

Does Audible's listening history sync across devices?

Yes, your listening history syncs seamlessly across devices. This means that you can start listening to a book on your smartphone and continue where you left off on your tablet or computer.

Can I delete individual books from my listening history?

No, Audible does not currently offer the option to delete individual books from your listening history. If you want to remove a book from your history, you will need to delete your entire listening history.

Can I see my listening history offline?

No, your listening history is only accessible when you are connected to the internet. However, once you have accessed a book, you can download it for offline listening.


Keeping track of your listening history allows you to easily find and revisit your favorite audiobooks.

Listening history helps you set goals and challenge yourself to listen to more books.

Audible's personalized recommendations based on your listening history help you discover new books.


Make use of Audible's listening history to create playlists and organize your audiobooks.

Explore different genres and authors based on Audible's recommendations.

Take advantage of the "Listening Time" feature to see how much time you have spent on audiobooks.


Audible's listening history feature is a valuable tool for audiobook enthusiasts. It allows you to easily access and revisit your favorite books, set goals for yourself, and discover new titles based on your interests. With the ability to sync across devices and personalized recommendations, Audible's listening history enhances your overall listening experience.


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