Curate Ooltewah

Curate Ooltewah

Curate Ooltewah is a trendy and unique restaurant located in the heart of Ooltewah, Tennessee. With its modern and stylish decor, delicious menu options, and attentive service, Curate Ooltewah has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

One of the highlights of Curate Ooltewah is its diverse menu. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty burger, a fresh salad, or a flavorful pasta dish, you'll find something to satisfy your cravings at this restaurant. The menu features a mix of classic favorites and creative, innovative dishes, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Curate Ooltewah takes pride in using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients in their dishes. From locally-sourced produce to premium cuts of meat, every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the highest level of taste and quality. This commitment to using the best ingredients shines through in the flavors of each dish.

When you step into Curate Ooltewah, you'll immediately be struck by its stylish and modern atmosphere. The restaurant features sleek and contemporary decor, with a mix of industrial and rustic elements. The comfortable seating and warm lighting create an inviting and cozy ambiance that is perfect for a casual meal or a special occasion.

The staff at Curate Ooltewah is known for their exceptional service. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, you can expect to be treated with warmth and professionalism. The waitstaff is attentive and knowledgeable, always ready to answer any questions and provide recommendations. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience.

Curate Ooltewah is not only known for its delicious food but also for its extensive selection of craft cocktails and wines. The bar menu features a variety of handcrafted cocktails made with top-shelf spirits and fresh ingredients. The wine list offers a curated selection of both local and international wines, ensuring that there's a perfect pairing for every dish.

If you're looking to celebrate a special occasion, Curate Ooltewah is the perfect place to do so. The restaurant offers private dining options for parties and events, allowing you to create a personalized and memorable experience. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, the staff at Curate Ooltewah will go above and beyond to make your celebration unforgettable.


Does Curate Ooltewah offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. From plant-based burgers to fresh salads, there are plenty of delicious choices for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Can I make a reservation at Curate Ooltewah?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah accepts reservations. It is recommended to make a reservation, especially during peak hours and on weekends, to ensure you secure a table.

Does Curate Ooltewah offer gluten-free options?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah offers gluten-free options. The menu clearly indicates which dishes are gluten-free, making it easy for those with dietary restrictions to find suitable options.

Is parking available at Curate Ooltewah?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah has ample parking available for its guests. There is a dedicated parking lot, making it convenient for diners to access the restaurant.

Does Curate Ooltewah offer takeout or delivery?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah offers takeout and delivery services. You can place an order online or by phone and enjoy their delicious food in the comfort of your own home.

Does Curate Ooltewah have outdoor seating?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah has outdoor seating available. The outdoor patio area is a great option for those who prefer to dine al fresco or enjoy the fresh air.

Does Curate Ooltewah have a kids' menu?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah offers a kids' menu. The menu features kid-friendly options that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Can I host a private event at Curate Ooltewah?

Yes, Curate Ooltewah offers private dining options for parties and events. Whether it's a small gathering or a larger celebration, the restaurant can accommodate your needs and help create a memorable experience.


- Diverse menu with a variety of options

- Fresh and high-quality ingredients

- Stylish and modern atmosphere

- Exceptional service

- Extensive craft cocktails and wine selection

- Private dining options for special occasions


- Make a reservation, especially during peak hours

- Try the craft cocktails for a unique and flavorful experience

- Explore the vegetarian and vegan options on the menu

- Don't miss out on the desserts, they are absolutely delicious

- Take advantage of the outdoor seating on a nice day

- Consider hosting your next special event at Curate Ooltewah for a personalized and memorable experience


Curate Ooltewah is a stylish and trendy restaurant located in Ooltewah, Tennessee. With its diverse menu, fresh ingredients, exceptional service, and modern atmosphere, it offers a dining experience that is sure to please. Whether you're looking for a casual meal with friends or a special celebration, Curate Ooltewah is the perfect choice.