WhatsApp GB Original

WhatsApp GB original

WhatsApp GB Original is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. It offers a range of additional features and customization options that are not available in the original version. In this article, we will explore the key features, advantages, and tips for using WhatsApp GB Original.

WhatsApp GB Original offers several features that enhance the messaging experience. Some of the key features include:

Customization Options

WhatsApp GB Original allows users to customize the interface with various themes, fonts, and colors. This gives users the ability to personalize their messaging experience and make it more visually appealing.

Privacy Features

Privacy is a major concern for many users, and WhatsApp GB Original addresses this by providing additional privacy settings. Users can hide their online status, disable read receipts, and even hide their typing status. These features give users more control over their privacy while using the app.

Increased File Sharing Limit

WhatsApp GB Original allows users to send larger files than the original version. The file sharing limit has been increased to 100MB, enabling users to share high-quality photos, videos, and documents without any restrictions.

Message Scheduling

With WhatsApp GB Original, users can schedule messages to be sent at a later time. This feature is particularly useful for busy individuals who want to send messages at a specific time without having to remember to do so manually.

Anti-Ban Protection

One of the concerns with using modified versions of WhatsApp is the risk of being banned from the platform. However, WhatsApp GB Original has built-in anti-ban protection, reducing the risk of being banned for using the app.

Extended Status Length

WhatsApp GB Original allows users to set longer status updates compared to the original version. Users can express themselves more freely by sharing longer text or even entire quotes as their status.

Is WhatsApp GB Original safe to use?

Yes, WhatsApp GB Original is safe to use. However, it is important to download it from a trusted source to ensure that you are not downloading a modified version that may contain malware.

Can I use WhatsApp GB Original alongside the original WhatsApp?

No, you cannot use WhatsApp GB Original alongside the original WhatsApp. You will need to uninstall the original app before installing WhatsApp GB Original.

Can I transfer my chat history from the original WhatsApp to WhatsApp GB Original?

Yes, you can transfer your chat history from the original WhatsApp to WhatsApp GB Original. During the installation process, you will be prompted to import your chat history.

Is WhatsApp GB Original available for iOS devices?

No, WhatsApp GB Original is only available for Android devices. It is not compatible with iOS devices.

Can I use WhatsApp GB Original without a phone number?

No, you still need a phone number to use WhatsApp GB Original. The app requires a phone number for verification purposes.

Does WhatsApp GB Original support video calls?

Yes, WhatsApp GB Original supports video calls. It offers the same video calling feature as the original version of WhatsApp.

Can I receive updates for WhatsApp GB Original?

No, WhatsApp GB Original does not receive updates from the official WhatsApp developers. However, you can check for updates on the source website where you downloaded the app.

Is WhatsApp GB Original legal?

The legality of using WhatsApp GB Original is unclear. While it is not illegal to use modified versions of apps, it is against WhatsApp's terms of service. It is important to use it responsibly and understand the potential risks.


- Customizable interface
- Enhanced privacy features
- Increased file sharing limit
- Message scheduling
- Anti-ban protection
- Extended status length


1. Always download WhatsApp GB Original from a trusted source to avoid malware or security risks.
2. Regularly check for updates on the source website to ensure you have the latest version.
3. Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings and customize them according to your preferences.
4. Make use of the additional customization options to personalize your messaging experience.
5. Take advantage of the extended status length to express yourself more freely.
6. Utilize the message scheduling feature to send messages at specific times without the need for manual reminders.


WhatsApp GB Original is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers enhanced customization options, privacy features, and increased file sharing limits. While it may not be officially supported by WhatsApp, it provides users with additional functionality and flexibility in their messaging experience. However, users should be cautious when downloading and using modified versions of apps to ensure the safety and security of their devices.