Threads: The New Text-Based Social Network from Meta


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Threads – the new social network from Meta

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has launched a new app called Threads, a text-based social network that aims to compete with Twitter. Threads is built by the Instagram team and allows users to share short text posts of up to 500 characters, along with photos, videos, and links. Threads also features polls, GIFs, reposts, and quotes, as well as a following feed and a web experience. In this blog post, we will explore what Threads is, how to use it, and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Table of Contents

·         What is Threads?

·         How to Use Threads?

·         What are the Benefits of Threads?

·         What are the Drawbacks of Threads?

·         Conclusion

What is Threads?

Threads is a new app, launched by Meta on July 5, 2023, that lets users create and join text-based conversations on various topics. Users can log in to Threads using their Instagram account and post up to 500 characters of text, along with photos, videos, and links. Threads is similar to Twitter, but with some differences. For example, Threads allows users to edit their posts, search with keywords, tag topics, and join public conversations. Threads also integrates with Instagram, so users can like, reply, share, and add posts to their stories or feed.

Threads is currently available in 100 countries, excluding the European Union, due to privacy regulations and the upcoming Digital Markets Act. Meta claims that Threads has received 100 million sign-ups in less than a week after its launch, making it the most rapidly downloaded app ever. Meta also plans to make Threads compatible with the open, interoperable social networks that it believes can shape the future of the internet.

How to Use Threads?

To use Threads, users need to download the app from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android. Users can then log in using their Instagram account and start posting text updates and joining conversations. Users can write text posts up to 500 characters, string together multiple text posts, add photos and videos up to 5 minutes long, mention other users, and share links. Users can also create polls, share GIFs, repost and quote other posts, and follow topics and accounts.

The home feed on Threads is purely algorithmic, meaning that users see what Meta thinks they should see, based on their interests and behavior. Users cannot choose to see posts in chronological order, like they can on Twitter or Instagram. Users can also browse content on Threads, search for accounts, report posts, and adjust their settings. Users in the US can also choose whether they want to see more or less sensitive or fact-checked content on their feed, as Meta has partnered with third-party fact-checkers to review and rate false content on Threads.

What are the Benefits of Threads?

Threads has several benefits for users who want to share and consume text-based content on social media. Some of the benefits are:

·         Threads is simple and familiar. Threads has a user interface and features that are similar to Instagram and Twitter, making it easy for users to navigate and use the app. Users can also log in using their Instagram account, which saves them the hassle of creating a new account and profile.

·         Threads is fast and responsive. Threads has a lightweight design and a smooth performance, allowing users to post and browse content quickly and seamlessly. Threads also has a web experience, which means users can access the app from any device and browser.

·         Threads is creative and engaging. Threads allows users to express themselves and interact with others in various ways, such as polls, GIFs, reposts, quotes, and topics. Users can also join public conversations and follow the latest trends and news on Threads.

·         Threads is integrated and interoperable. Threads is connected to Instagram, so users can share their content and activity across both platforms. Users can also link their Threads account to other open, decentralized social networks, such as Mastodon and Diaspora, and communicate with users on those networks.

What are the Drawbacks of Threads?

Threads also has some drawbacks that users should be aware of before using the app. Some of the drawbacks are:

·         Threads is not available in the EU. Due to the strict privacy rules and the upcoming Digital Markets Act in the European Union, Meta has not launched Threads in the EU. Users in the EU cannot access or use Threads, unless they use a VPN or a proxy server, which may violate the terms of service of the app.

·         Threads is controlled by Meta. Threads is owned and operated by Meta, the same company that owns Facebook and Instagram. This means that Meta has access to the data and content of the users on Threads, and can use it for advertising, research, or other purposes. Meta also has the power to censor, manipulate, or remove content and accounts on Threads, according to its policies and interests.

·         Threads is not original or innovative. Threads is largely a copy of Twitter, with some features borrowed from Instagram and other apps. Threads does not offer anything new or unique to the users, and may struggle to differentiate itself from the existing and emerging competitors in the social media space.


Threads is a new text-based social network from Meta that lets users share short text posts and join public conversations. Threads is similar to Twitter, but with some differences, such as polls, GIFs, reposts, quotes, and topics. Threads also integrates with Instagram and other open, decentralized social networks. Threads has some benefits, such as simplicity, speed, creativity, and integration, but also some drawbacks, such as unavailability in the EU, control by Meta, and lack of originality. Users who are interested in Threads can download the app and try it out, or wait and see how it evolves and performs in the future.